Saturday, 25 October 2008

Who is Googling You?

If you want the answer to the question who's Googling you, you need to register with a free website like WikiWorldBook, which is a People Search engine with Global Address Book.

Essentially, the service enables you to create a profile which is easily found by anyone looking for you using Google or another search engine. You are sent a Search Alert email if someone Googles you and clicks through to your profile. You should be able to see the geographical location of the searcher, their IP address, what business or organization they are at if that's where they are based, the actual search engine and the keywords used to find you. You can see a screenshot below in the previous blog.

Some people have said that this is controversial because its breaching peoples privacy. Here at WikiWorldBook , we think its only supposedly controversial because its a new technology that most people aren't aware of yet. If its alright that employers or organizations like Universities can search on the web for information about employees and students, then maybe it's alright if those people know that someone is looking for them - especially if they are trying to find out something negative about them. We think this helps redress the balance.

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Anonymous said...

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