Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Killer Start Ups - Please Vote

We've just been discovered by the new website review site called Killer Start Ups. They are a great place to be reviewed as they only review serious sites.

If you like our site, please vote for us - It only takes 5 seconds as no registration is required.

1) Just Click on the link above to Killer Startups

2) Then click on the blue + Vote button.

Thank you very much.

Who are WikiWorldBook:-

We are a Global Address Book - that is an web address book where you can be easily found by old friends and colleagues on the web via Google.

You can then be contacted without having to reveal your contact details using our message gateway. Critically, the person contacting you doesn't have to register with us in order to send you a message - now isn't that different from all the social networks out there!

We also have a Free People Search Engine, free pro-active People Tracing service called Trace, and a growing Business Directory.

Ben Leefield