Saturday, 27 September 2008

People Search and Monthly WorldWide Search Volume

In their latest press release on the total amount of Searches carried out worldwide, comScore have calculated that over 61 billion search engine queries were conducted from over 750 million searchers.

As a reflection of growing Search trends, the study found that more than 750 million people age 15 and older – or 95 percent of the worldwide Internet audience – conducted 61 billion searches worldwide in August, an average of more than 80 searches per searcher (although this varies from country to country). It thereby also estimates the total global internet user base over 15 at just under 790 million users.

In terms of People Search as a proportion of the overall volume of Search use, it has been estimated by some commentators that around 2 billion searches per month are specifically on people, whilst up to 30% of all searches are in some way people-related.

If you would like to conduct a people search, you can do so here.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Free People Search Engines

If you are looking for someone in particular, there are a number of free people search engines you can use for a people search which provide highly filtered results, so you don't have to spend time picking through millions of normal search engine results:

Tracing People

Remember that WikiWorldBook also has Trace facility whereby you input the name of the person you are looking for and it generates a result for that person on all the Search Engines – then if the person who is the target of the “trace” sees the result (or even one of their acquaintances), then they will know someone is searching for them and can respond. Its a bit like travellers putting a note on a noticeboard in a busy cafe used by other travellers so that people passing can see it - in this case the search engines are acting like the cafe as a place to post your "missing" notice.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

WikiWorldBook - Our Mission

WikiWorldBook is a project to create the world’s first free online global address book through the participation of the world’s online community. It aims to connect everyone on the planet through open mass collaboration, in much the same way as mass collaboration built Wikipedia. We believe that there is no greater creative force than people coming together positively for a single purpose.
  • Be found by old friends and colleagues
  • Use our Trace facilty to harness the power of the web to find old friends and relatives
  • Manage your online reputation

  • Use our Directory to find products and services, businesses and organizations