Monday, 19 July 2010

BBC Click gives Address Book top marks for keeping people in touch via Google.

BBC Click
WikiWorldBook, the online “Global Address Book”, has received an outstanding review from the BBC’s flagship technology TV show, Click, which is broadcast on the BBC News and BBC World television channels.

Click Presenter Kate Russell seemed particularly impressed by the service providing a “simple and effective way for people to get in touch” and a “zero commitment design”. Its maintenance-free design means that its users do not have to invest more than the initial time it takes to set up their free account – which can be as little as one minute, depending on the amount of information they wish to display. The original programme can be watched here on the BBC Click website.

The free online address book uniquely enables people to be easily found via a name search on Google and then be contacted instantly by email – without revealing their email address (and without the person contacting them having to register). The service is similar to a telephone directory, but for email. A built-in “contact form” enables the user to hide their email address and still be contacted by email at that address.

Users can list as much or as little of their personal and work contact details, social links and other information on their own free address book page – with the minimum being name, gender and nationality. All the user’s links (IM, VOIP, email and websites) are hyperlinked to the appropriate service for one click operation and the social links feature means that a user can aggregate all of their online identity into one place.

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