Friday, 17 October 2008

Find Out When You’ve Been Googled.

Every day, around 50 million people are Googled by people or organisations. Have you ever wondered if someone has been Googling you?

Well, wonder no more because, with Search Alert, now you can know.

This works in a very simple way:-

  • When you register with us, you create a unique page with your profile on it (which might show as little as your name).

  • Because we are a “big” enough site, your profile page will be ranked high in any Google results – perhaps even number one – unless you have a very common name.

  • Anyone looking for you will therefore easily see your WikiWorldBook profile page and want to view it.

  • When they view that page, we capture some of their details, which allows you to see what time and what day they Googled you and where they Googled you from, which we plot on a Google Map.

  • Every time you are Googled, we save these details in a report for you so you can keep track of how often it is happening to you. What’s more, you can choose if you want an email notification of every time it happens!

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