Sunday, 7 September 2008

WikiWorldBook - Our Mission

WikiWorldBook is a project to create the world’s first free online global address book through the participation of the world’s online community. It aims to connect everyone on the planet through open mass collaboration, in much the same way as mass collaboration built Wikipedia. We believe that there is no greater creative force than people coming together positively for a single purpose.
  • Be found by old friends and colleagues
  • Use our Trace facilty to harness the power of the web to find old friends and relatives
  • Manage your online reputation

  • Use our Directory to find products and services, businesses and organizations


Peggy pennell said...

This site is not helpful when you have forgotten your username and or password can not contact any of the contact people on their site

Peggy pennell said...

I have never used the site to search for anyone but my info is there someone used my personal info to create an account and a search I am very unhappy about this and I need my info to be taken away!asap